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Pacific Fleet Moving South
// To participate in Russian-Indian naval maneuvers
Yesterday the battle group of ships from Pacific Ocean Fleet left from Vladivostok to Indian Ocean, where they would participate in joint Russian-Indian naval maneuvers INDRA-2005. The maneuvers also have a goal to demonstrate to the top brass of Indian army and navy the nuclear sub Project 09710 Samara two subs of this class are being built right now in Komsomolsk-on- Amur for New Delhi.
Yesterday, the battle group of ships left Vladivostok and is on the way to the Indian Ocean. Among the ships of the group there are: missile cruiser Varyag, large antisubmarine ships Admiral Tributs and Admiral Panteleev, tanker Pechenga, and the rescue tug Kalar. The group is under command of Vice Admiral Sergey Avramenko, Deputy Commander of Pacific Ocean Fleet (POF). In the ocean the ships would be joined by nuclear sub Project 09710 Samara with the number K-295. The sub is coming from Kamchatka. On October 14 the POF battle group will enter port Vishahanatman. The port located in Bengalese Bay and considered to be the main naval base of Indias Eastern Fleet.

From Oct. 17 until Oct. 19, the Russian sailors will participate in joint Russian-Indian naval maneuvers INDRA-2005. According to Adm. Avramenko, during the maneuvers Varyag, Admiral Tributs and Admiral Panteleev will fire from the all weapons systems: antisubmarine missiles "Volcano", missile- torpedoes "Socket", anti-aircraft missiles "Fort", "Wasp-M" and the "Dagger." Also, according to Kommersant information, the nuclear sub of Samara class will demonstrate its capability. (The vessels of this project are made with extremely low-noise powerplant and their hull made out of low-magnetic steel.) The interest of Indian navy to this sub is understandable: two subs of this class are being built right now in Komsomolsk-on- Amur for New Delhi. One of the ships named Nerpa (Seal) is already on the water and its nuclear reactor has been started. Kommersant learned that the sub could be transferred to the Indian navy as early as the end of 2006. Another sub is 70 percent ready.

After the completion of INDRA-2005, the Russian battle group (excluding sub K-295) will visit Indonesian capital Jakarta, then Singapore, Sattahip(Thailand) and Hai Phong (Vietnam). The ships will return to the Vladivostok on Dec.14.

Lets remind that the last time when the Russian battle group of ships left the port for the Indian Ocean was in 2001. Back in that time, the large anti-submarine ships of POF Admiral Vinogradov and Admiral Pantellev, escorted by the tanker Vladimir Kilechitsky paid a visit to Mumbay, which is the main naval base of Indian fleet. Two years after Moscow held large scale naval maneuvers: in May of 2003 two battle groups from POF and Black Sea Fleet led by missile-cruiser Moskva. The POF was represented by two large anti-submarines ships Marshall Shaposhnikov and Admiral Panteleev. They conducted joint maneuvers with Indian navy with participation of Russian strategic bombers Tu-160 and Tu-95MS. After the completion of the maneuvers, Russian Minister of Defense Sergey Ivanov promised that Russian-Indian maneuvers would become traditional.
by  Alexei Chernyshev, Vladivostok; Ivan Safronov

All the Article in Russian as of Sep. 21, 2005

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