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Nurpasha Kulaev, the only militant to survive the hostage-taking tragedy in Beslan last September, stands behind bars during his trial in Supreme Court of North Ossetia.
Photo: Zaur Farniyev
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Aug. 17, 2005
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Beslan Militant Calms Down Victims
The trial against Nurpasha Kulaev, the only militant to survive hostage-taking tragedy in Beslan last September, proceeded in Russias southern city of Vladikavkaz on Tuesday, August 16. The victims said yesterday no one had prepared the attack to rescue hostages.
Eduard Adaev, vice president of Russias Kickboxing Federation, arrived in Beslan straight after the terror act was reported. On the first day, we were told there were 354 hostages. Though the children, who went to that school, insisted it was impossible, the more so that children are usually at school with their parents on September 1. We thought that figure was mentioned because the assault had been prepared. If a number of around a thousand and a half had been announced, no one would have been resolute enough for the assault, Adaev said, adding, on September 2, they were waiting for Alexander Dzasokhov (then president of North Ossetia) to come out. Dzasokhov didnt show up, but Mamsurov [then head of the parliament and todays president of North Ossetia] appeared instead. He said he would stand up staunchly near the school to prevent the assault. We believed him because his two children were among hostages.

In time of assault, Adaev was evacuating children from the burning gym of the school and was badly wounded.

Zinaida Tsarakhova, whose son had perished in the gyms fire, was speaking about firemen and rescuers. Only a single fire truck approached the school. They were not on duty that day and arrived at their own initiative. Others said they had not been ordered to do it. When Dzasokhov was meeting us later, he said he would have been killed if he had gone there. But Aushev (former president of Ingushetia) did it! And why Kulaev alone is the guilty here? I wont forgive anyone for the death of my son. Do you here it, Kulaev? Now you know what death your children will face? Tsarakhova asked Kulaev.

If they die, they will go to Heaven, the accused said in a quiet voice. Im sure all slain children are in the Heaven already.

Kulaev, you have calmed down the victims, having told them their children are in the Heaven, judge Aguzarov said to break the silence in the court room.


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