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Students of Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) and Moscow Bauman High Technical College (MVTU) stage a rally against aggresive policy of Boeing in Russia. An inscription on the T-shirt reads: "Boeing is the weapon of terror."
Photo: Grigory Tambulov
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Apr. 13, 2006
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Sibir to Have Ten A319 This Year
Sibir Airline and U.S. GECAS have arranged the lease for ten mid-distance A319s. Starting from July, Sibir will be accepting in operation two planes each month. The previous owner is bankrupt Northwest Airlines.
A consignment of ten A319s was pulled out of the fleet of the U.S. Northwest Airlines that declared bankruptcy past fall and put up for sale early this year, said a source with one of Russias airlines. The 1999-year planes were priced at $23 million each. We were eyeing the aircraft but the announced cost looked too high especially in view of the customs duties, the source specified.

The new owner of A319s is Sibir Airline. Yes, we are taking on lease ten A319s from GECAS. We were made an offer and agreed to it, said Sibir representatives, pointing out Sibir preferred A319 to Boeing 737-500 because of its carrying capacity. The deal has been sealed by executive management and is being approved by the BOD.

The BOD of Sibir went through the deal yesterday, the sources said on condition of anonymity. The decision was shelved for two weeks to give time for approval to the state owner (a block stake).

Sibir is Russias second airline in turnover. 2005 traffic reached 4.2 million passengers; IAS revenues were $760 million; net loss $3.8 million. The fleet comprises seven A310s, ten Boeing 737s, nine Il-86s and 28 Tu-154M.

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