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Sep. 20, 2005
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Aljazeera Moscow Chief Fired
The management of the Qatari television station Aljazeera has dismissed it Moscow correspondent Akram Khuzam. Khuzam was Aljazeera's Moscow correspondent for nine years and was informed of the head office's decision by fax. The journalist says that the reason for that action was complaints from head of the Islamic Committee of Russia Geidar Dzhemal, although the letter he received referred to the Muslim community of Russia. Dzhemal commented that he was very glad that removed that person. Dzhemal said that Khuzam offered non-drinking Muslims alcohol and presented himself as an expert on Islam and the Near East, even though he is a Syrian Christian. When asked about his professional activities, Dzhemal said that he once insulted Vladimir Putin and received funds from the United States.
Dzhemal added that the Moscow Muslim community has distinct preference for Iranian Al-Alyam television Moscow correspondent Abdalla Issa as Khuzam's replacement, and not Al-Arabiya correspondent Amr Abdel-Khamid. Khuzam said that he intended now to go relax and dance and be relieved that Muslims have had a victory. Kommersant was unable to obtain confirmation of Khuzam's dismissal from the main office of Aljazeera.

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