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Joseph Kay claims that Badri Patarkatsishvili (in the photo) willed all of his assets to him.
Photo: Vasily Shaposhnikov
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Mar. 25, 2008
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New Details of Patarkatsishvili Inheritance
New details have become known about the arrest of Emmanuil Zeltser in Belarus. They are accused there of forging documents. They flew to Belarus on a private plane belonging to exiled Russian businessman Boris Berezovsky to handle recently deceased Georgian Badri Patarkatsishvili's property there, which consists of timber processing and heavy industry enterprises, on the behalf of Patarkatsishvili's cousin Joseph Kay. Kay claims to be Patarkatsishvili's sole heir.
Zeltser had tried to hold negotiations with the Salford fund in London, which manages Patarkatsishvili's assets, and with Berezovsky, but those negotiations were without result. Zeltser then flew to Belarus, initially ordering a charter flight, but transferred to Berezovsky's plane after the charter crew refused to fly due to weather conditions.

I spoke with Mr. Zeltser the day before about the trip and told him openly that I consider him a fraud. I told him, if you consider the documents in order, go to Belarus and prove it, Berezovsky told Kommersant. At the request of Inna Gudavadze [Patarkatsishvili's widow], Anatoly Motkin, one of Badri Patarkatsishvili's closest friends accompanied him.

Zeltser was arrested by the Belarusian KGB when the plane landed. Motkin was arrested and quickly released. When Kay stated his claim to Patarkatsishvili's estate in February, Gudavadze's lawyer Michelle Duncan, who also represents Berezovsky, sent a letter of warning to a number of countries, including Belarus. A similar letter, warning of an attempt at fraud, was sent by the widow's subsequent lawyer, Lord Goldsmith. Emmanuil Zeltser' brother Mark stated that they charges against him in Belarus are copied word for word from the warning letters. He also stated that Emmanuil Zeltser had no documents with him. He is being held hostage, Mark Zeltser averred. Kay declined to comment on the events.

Salford Georgia, the Georgian representative of Salford Capital Partners, investment fund announced yesterday that it was severing all legal and financial ties with Imedi television and radio stations and their affiliates, which it had previously managed. The controlling stock package in Imedi has been transferred to Kay. Gudavadze states that that operation was performed using falsified documents with the purpose of allowing Georgian authorities to regain control of the broadcaster. The Georgian opposition held a protest action in front of the Georgian parliament to protest that move.

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