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July 14, 2005
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Nevzlin Reports to U.S. Congress All Efforts of Moscow Notwithstanding
Any and all efforts of Moscow notwithstanding, Leonid Nevzlin, the exiled partner of Russian oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky, made a report to the Helsinki Commission of the U.S. Congress on YUKOS affair and its implications for politics and business in Russia.
It is the second visit of Nevzlin to the United States during this month. A source close to the U.S. government told Kommersant Russias Ministry of Foreign Affairs worked actively so that Nevlins tour and report wouldnt take place a few calls from Smolenskaya Square were made to the U.S. Embassy in Moscow and to the State Department in Washington. Russias Embassy in the United States bothered the State Department as well. In Kremlin, they were extremely irritated that Nevzlin was allowed to arrive at the United States and even to speak to the Congress, the source specified.

In the press service of the Russian Embassy in the United States Kommersant found out Moscow had demanded extradition of Leonid Nevzlin because of the magnitude of offense incriminated to him. However a source with the State Department didnt confirm yesterday they had received any inquiry related to Nevzlin. Moreover, despite the recent statement of Russian Deputy Prosecutor General Vladimir Kolesnikov, the RF Embassys press service has never mentioned that Nevlzlins case was forwarded to Interpol (by the way, Nevzlin has not been added to the Interpol wanted list in Internet).

A source close to the U.S. authorities specified to Kommersant Nevzlins arrival in Washington signals to Putin that his attitude towards YUKOS and Russian former prime minister Mikhail Kasyanov is unacceptable for the United States, and therefore, may have negative consequences.


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