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Apr. 11, 2005
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Russian Mountain Climbers Knocked Out by Maoists
// The incident
Yesterday, RF Ministy of Foreign Affairs recommended to the Russian citizens to abstain from traveling to Nepal, where the opposition between official authority and Maoist rebels has intensified. During last weekend alone as many as 100 rebels were killed in the country; 2 people died and 30 were injured as result of terrorist acts organized by Maoists. Two of the wounded are Russian citizens, one of whom received heavy injuries.
The armed conflict between Nepal authorities and Maoist rebels has been going on since 1996. During this time more than 11 thousand people have died and several thousands have been missing. By estimations of human rights activists during last year alone more than seven people died each day. On February 1 of this year, the chaos in the country forced Nepal King Gyanendra to dismiss the government and to announce the state of emergency throughout the country. These measures proved unsuccessful in the last two months more than 300 people died.

Last weekend the conflict between authorities and rebels reached another peak. Police reported that as result of a large-scale anti terrorist operation it was able to destroy 96 fighters. At the same time rebels stormed a prison in Charikot, some 150 km South-East of Kathmandu, the capital, killed a policeman and freed more than 30 prisoners, including 15 rebels.

Same day around noon local time, a group of unknown people threw self-made explosives at a vehicle following on the highway North-East of Kathmandu, where two Russian Alpinists were going to the campsite at the foot of Mt. Everest. The Russian Embassy in Kathmandu told Kommersant reporter that the two climbers, Sergey Kaimanchikov and Alexander Abramov, were trying to catch up with their group, which had left for the camp earlier. As result of the terrorist act both Russians were contused, and Kaimanchikov received a severe leg injury. Kaimanchikov may have serious orthopedic problems in the future, the Embassy worker said, citing the doctors, who performed the surgery. Although, the doctors said that Kaimanchikov will most likely be able to return home in a week. The attempts to get in touch with the injured were unsuccessful after dismissal of the government on February 1, the mobile communication has been out of operation.

Yesterday, RF Foreign Ministry strongly recommended the Russian citizens to abstain from visits to Nepal in view of the intensification of the military and political situation in the country, posing a threat to their safety.
Boris Volkhonsky

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