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July 21, 2008
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Georgia Raises Alarm
Georgia lashed out on Russia blaming on it the force concentration in Abkhazia and in strategic passes of the Main Caucasus Ridge. People in Georgias Defense Ministry claim Russias paratroopers have encroached Mamison (Abkhazia) and Roksky (South Ossetia) passes and are in the combat alert at the distance of one move to Sukhumi in the first case and to Tbilisi in the second one.
Russias troops are concentrating in Kodori Gorge, where they are digging trenches and amassing personnel, weapons and equipment, said Temur Mjavia, head of Abkhazias Supreme Council, which is the government in exile of that breakaway province of Georgia.

The reports of Georgias media echo Mjavias words, saying an echelon of heavy combat vehicles arrived in Abkhazia from Russia and the vehicles headed for Kodori Gorge after unloading.

Abkhazias leadership rebuffs these allegations. According to Abkhazias Foreign Minister Sergei Shamba, Georgia takes for bringing troops the scheduled movement of Russias peacekeepers in the conflict area. If any additional divisions had been brought to Abkhazia above the quota spelled out in the agreement, I would have known it for sure, Shamba pointed out.


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