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Russian Academy of Sciences members Evgeny Velikhov (left), Oleg Favorsky (2nd left), Alexander Sheindlin (right) and Krzhizhanovsky Power Institute director Eduard Volkov (2nd right) in 2001
Photo: Sergey Mikheev
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Apr. 17, 2008
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Global Energy Awards Winners Named
The winners of the Global Energy Awards have been announced for 2008. Russian physicists Oleg Favorsky and Eduard Volkov and Canadian Clement Bowman will share the 30-million ruble prize for their discoveries in the filed of alternative energy. It was also announced that scientists affiliated with agencies that manage the awards and the fund for them will no longer be eligible for the awards. Three years ago, the award was given to the head of the international awards committee, vice president of the Russian Academy of Sciences Zhores Alferov. Alferov has since left the committee. The president of Russia will give the winners medals and checks for their shares of the prize money on June 7.
Volkov and Bowman received awards for theoretical grounding, creation and exploitation of effective technology to process synthetic fuel from oil shale and bituminous sands. According to Volkov world reserves of those substances are four times greater than oil reserves. Our research has shown that oil shale and bituminous sands can replace petroleum when it runs out, he said.

Favorsky was given the award for research in the field of gas dynamics, development and creation of a gas turbine engine, an apparatus for decentralized electrical energy and a high-efficiency gas transmission station. Under Favorsky's leadership, electrical space equipment has been developed, and aircraft engines have been converted for use in Gazprom gas transmission stations.

The Global Energy Awards have been given out since 2002. The initial prize fund was $1 million. The awards were founded by Russian physicists as an alternative to the Nobel Prize and has the largest prize for any non-governmental award in Russia. The awards are sponsored by Gazprom, Surgutneftegaz and GidroOGK (replacing RAO UES of Russia, which will cease to exist this year). About 500 scientists sit on the awards committee. Seventeen scientists have won the award so far.

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