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Feb. 07, 2008
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Russian Internet Advertisers Ranked
The MindShare Interaction agency has calculated that $369 million was spent on advertising on the Internet in Russia in 2007, representing 97-percent growth. Automakers and cellular providers led the way, spending at least $2 million each. Those sums exclude VAT and creative and production costs. Contextual advertising (commercial links generated by a search engine) exceeded media ads (banners, pop-up windows and so on) $210 million to $159 million. MindShare Interaction is an Internet advertising agency with a 15-percent share of the market. It was acquired by the British WPP holding in 2006, although general director Dmitry Ashmanov retains a blocking package.
MindShare compiled a list of the top ten Internet advertisers for Kommersant. In the absence of a permanent independent monitoring agency, it used its own daily review of advertising on 120 websites. Budgets were calculated using official prices with a 30-35 percent discount calculated in.

The Video International analytical center estimated last September that Internet media advertising in Russia in 2007 would amount to 4.1 billion rubles (about $164 million, counting VAT) and ZenithOptimedia estimated it at 4.32 billion rubles (about $171 million, counting VAT). At Megfon, they estimate that the cost of Internet ads will rise 30 percent this year.

Top 10 Advertisers on the Russian Internet and Their Budgets*

Place Company Ad Budget ($mill.)
1 Ford Motor Co.** $5.5
2 General Motors** $4.5
3 Megafon $4.1
4 VimpelCom $3.9
5 ћ“— $3.5
6Ц7 Honda** $2.8
6Ц7 PSA Peugeot Citroen** $2.8
8 Nokia $2.1
9Ц10 Nissan** $2
9Ц10 Unilever $2

*Only media advertising (banners, pop-up windows, etc.)
**Not counting dealers' advertising expenses
Source: MindShare Interaction


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