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SPI owner Yury Shefler
Photo: Dmitry Azarov
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Aug. 17, 2007
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Shefler Arrested in Absentee
Basmanny Court of Moscow sanctioned yesterday the absentee detention of SPI owner Yury Shefler. Amid other things, Shefler is charged with forming a criminal community, illegal use of trademarks and smuggling.
Predictably, Yury Shefler didnt attend the yesterdays sitting of the court, which was to choose the measure of restraint for him. The businessman, who prefers to stay in Britain for the latest years, is on the wanted list in Russia.

Shefler faces the charges on six counts, including forming a criminal community, applying force to representatives of authorities, illegal entrepreneurship, illegal use of trademark, smuggling, laundering illegally earned funds.

Yury Shefler is accused of grave crimes and, according to FSB, he is hiding from investigators, said prosecutors spokesman Svetlana Zinovieva. Still out of prison, he proceeds with criminal actions and may pressurize witnesses (most of whom are the employees of Sheflers companies). But for detention, no other action of restraint should be applied to Shefler, Zinovieva concluded and was backed up by the judge.

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