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Chairman of the board of RAO UES of Russia Anatoly Chubais
Photo: Grigoriy Sobchenko
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July 06, 2007
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Power Supply to Be Stepped Up to Sochi by 2014
RAO UES of Russia has added 30-billion rubles' funding to its modernization program for Sochi and will increase capacity in the city by 1129 MW by 2011, of which 300 MW will be used by Olympic sports facilities. The total cost of the work is estimated at 83.6 billion rubles, of which 49.9 billion rubles will go to investments in the electricity grid, RAO head Anatoly Chubais said yesterday. Four generating plants and four hydroelectric plants will be built or updated and the Central-Shepsi transmission line, which frequently fails in bad weather, will finally be replaced. Part of the new line will be on towers, and part of it on the Black Sea bed.
Chubais did not specify how much the 83.6 billion rubles for the improvements will be provided by the government. In February, when 48.8 billion rubles were slated for the region, the state's dole was to be 38 billion rubles. RAO and Krasnodar Territory Governor Alexander Tkachev reached an agreement within the federal target program for the development of Sochi specifying that 20.7 billion rubles will be provided for electricity.

RAO and the Federal Network Co. say that the construction was planned regardless of the outcome of the competition for the 2104 Olympics. Experts note that improvements to Sochi's electrical system would be necessary even without the Olympics. They say at the same time, however, that it would have been unlikely that the plans would have been implemented if Sochi had not been chosen to host them.

The price of stock in TGK-8, the electrical generating company that serves Sochi, rose 11 percent yesterday on MICEX. One of the new facilities to be built in the region, the Krasnopolyana hydroelectric plant, will belong to that company. TGK-8 has already stated that it will be built without government financing.

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