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Duma deputy Alexey Mitrofanov (second left) supports the Gay Pride Parade but wont rally with activists on May 27.
Photo: Dmitry Lekay
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May 16, 2007
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Moscow Bans Gay Pride Parade Again
Moscow authorities have banned a proposed gay pride parade that activists hoped to hold on May 27. Parade organizers said Tuesday they would rally regardless.
Moscow authorities said they had recently received a great number of letters from Muscovites, asking to ban the proposed gay pride parade in the Russian capital. Nikolay Kulikov, who is in charge of security issues at the Moscow city government, said the proposed parade violates the rights and liberties of non-gay citizens.

Parliamentary deputy Alexey Mitrofanov attended a news conference of the Moscow Pride Parade on Tuesday to supports the organizers. He told the meeting that blocking the gay pride parade would set a dangerous precedent for bans on demonstration by other minorities and opposition groups that authorities dislike. Mr. Mitrofanov added, however, that he would not be rallying with gay rights activists, since taking part in the unsanctioned march is absolutely inappropriate for a Federation Assembly deputy.

Last year, the gay parade in Moscow went ahead despite the ban. Activists were attacked by riot police and militant Christians. Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov, who had denounced the rally as satanic, came under harsh criticism from human rights champions.

Russian gay rights activists vowed on Tuesday to ignore the ban and hold the parade as planned on May 2. The parade will take place, organizer Nikolay Alexeev told the press. Hundreds of people from Russia and other countries, including EU parliament deputies, are to take part.

The news conference was disrupted by several unidentified homophobes who promised that Moscow will drown in gay blood on May 27.


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