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Russian President Vladimir Putin (right) and Atomic Energy Agency Director Sergey Kirienko (third left) meet for a session on nuclear industry development.
Photo: Dmitry Azarov
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Apr. 28, 2007
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Russia to Set Up Nuclear Industry Giant
Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday signed a bill to set up a state-owned holding to control the nations civilian nuclear energy industry. Atomenergoprom is to become part of a corporation which would control both civilian and military nuclear energy in Russia. Kommersant sources report that the arms exporter Rosoboronexport may also be turned into a corporation.
Atomenergoprom is to be set up in July to manage Russias civilian nuclear energy facilities. Deputy Head of the Federal Atomic Energy Agency Vladimir Travin is strongly tipped to be appointed the holdings director.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said in his state-of-the-nation address on Thursday that Russia would soon create a state corporation to unite civilian and military nuclear energy industries.

The new corporation, Rosatom, is to own all nuclear military and research assets as well as the Atomenergoprom holding. The nuclear giant is to receive the assets for management in 2008. Unofficial sources reported that the corporation would be directly accountable to the Russian president who would appoint its board.

Well-informed sources of Kommersant said Friday that the military arms exporter Rosoboronexport may soon follow suit and be turned into a state-run corporation. The national corporation on nanotechnology is likely to be set up following the same pattern.


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