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Feb. 28, 2007
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Hiddink Escapes Jail for Tax Fraud
Russias international football coach Guus Hiddink has been given a six-month suspended sentence for tax evasion. The Dutchman will have to pay a 45,000 fine and 1.4 million that he evaded. The president of the Russian Football Union has confirmed his full support for Guus Hiddink and promised him excellent working conditions in Russia.
The 60-year-old was convinced of evading more than 1.4 million in taxes due to the Dutch government after he had falsely claimed residence in Belgium in 2002 and 2003. Dutch prosecutors early asked for a nine-month prison sentence for Mr. Hiddink.

The manager of the Russian national football team has avoided a custodian term. but has been fined 45,000 and given a six-month suspended sentence. The judges explained this lenient penalty by saying that Guus Hiddink had never had any problems with law and had already been punished by the trials publicity.

A session of the Russian Football Unions supreme body discussed the court decision on Tuesday. The Unions president Vitaly Mutko has given his full support for the Dutch coach and added that Russia will try to create most favorable working conditions for him. Mr. Mutko underscored that Guus Hiddink does not have any problems with tax authorities in Russia.


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