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Spanish police detained in Mislata Murat Gasaev of Chechnya, who had been wanted for banditry.
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Dec. 05, 2006
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Chechen Militant Caught in Spain
Spanish police detained Murat Gasaev of Chechnya in Mislata, Valencia. The Chechen was wanted for banditry and the operation was carried out by a special police squad of 40 officers.
The detention of Chechen Murat Gasaev, 32, who had been on the wanted list of Russias prosecutors, FSB and Interpol, passed with no casualties. Gasaev was arrested together with the housemate, whose name hasnt been disclosed so far. The search of their flat revealed neither drugs nor weapons, so the police had to confine to a few cell phones, credit cards and documents.

According to locals, the Chechens behaved quite ordinary, going to work every day but avoiding any contacts and never visiting nearby shops or bars. From time to time, they were seen in company of a woman speaking their language.

Gasaev was a member of militants' gang from mid.-2003, Russias prosecutors said. The militants were raiding Ingushetia, mostly Nazranovsky region of the republic. Gasaev has been on the international wanted list since September 27, 2006. Even though the Spain's National Panel of Judges initiated extraditing procedures for him past Monday, the process will take quite a lot of time if the Chechen doesnt agree to voluntary extradition.

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