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Astemirov and his few accomplices are now unable to carry out any major terrorist attacks or acts of sabotage like the one in Nalchik last October last year, unofficial sources in the Interior Ministry say.
Photo: Valery Melnikov
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Nov. 18, 2006
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A Caucasian Warlord Threatens with Terrorist Attacks
A warlord responsible for the terrorist raid on Nalchik last October posted a message to Google Video Friday announcing large-scale military operations in the Caucasian republic of Kabardino-Balkaria to come. The police believe that Anzor Astemirov who is on the federal and international wanting lists has no forces or money to stage any major acts of terror.
Anzor Astemirov, head of the Kabardino-Balkarian sector of the Caucasian front, called on all Muslims of the world to fight a sacred war against Russia which is trying to eradicate Islam and enslave Muslims. The leader of the Wahhabi underground in Kabardino-Balkaria said Muslims in the Caucasus, Urals, the Volga and Tarastran have rallied together to fight for their faith. Astemirov called Kabardino-Balkaria a hostilities zone and part of the united Caucasian front, announcing large-scale military operations to come.

He promised to launch this operation with assassinations of high-ranking officials, businessmen and clergy. We will keep a close eye on them and see who are real Muslim and who only pretend to be such, he said. Astemirov also admitted that the radical Islam finds support among police and military men who often help militants in the underground.

Kabardino-Balkarias police hasnt given an official comment yet. But a well-placed source of Kommersant in the Interior Ministry says Astemirov and his few accomplices are now unable to carry out any major terrorist attacks or acts of sabotage like the one in Nalchik in October last year. The source added, however, that the militants could still resort to pin-pointed attacks on federal officials and police in order to exacerbate the situation in the republic.


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