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Oct. 30, 2006
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Telman Ismailov Gilds Jennifer Lopez' Voice
// Ismailov Gilds Jennifer Lopez' Voice
Telman Ismailov celebrities concert AST
American pop star Jennifer Lopez came to Moscow for one night and made close to $1.5 million for appearing at a concert at the birthday party of AST owner Telman Ismailov. Ismailov has also brought Robbie Williams, Mariah Carey and Ricky Martin in to play for him. Lopez has been to Moscow before and played at other private parties. A source close to the party organizers commented that her fee was Уusual, not excessive.Ф That would seem to mean around a million and a half dollars.
Lopez arrived in Moscow with her husband Marc Anthony late in the day on Thursday. She chose the Swissotel Red Hills to stay in, which has a sweeping view of Moscow. She dined in the hotel restaurant, did her makeup and proceeded to the Safisa banquet hall to join the party already in progress.

Once she arrived, she was asked to wait, however, so that she could appear last on stage. Meanwhile, Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov, State Duma member Iosef Kobzon, singer Alla Pugacheva, the godfather of soul James Brown, film directors Mark Zakharov and Yuly Gusman, comedian Gennady Khazanov and others graced the stage to offer Ismailov their good wishes. Lopez, who is known for her temper, informed organizers that every half hour of waiting time would cost them $200,000.

Around midnight, Lopez performed four of her best-known numbers and went to sit with the guest of honor, who presented her with a jewel-encrusted golden microphone. Then she and her husband left for the airport, without paying their hotel bill. Ismailov's party continued at his house just beyond the city limits until morning. Several high-placed guests enjoyed dancing in the wee hours.

Dmitry Zelentsov

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