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Oct. 17, 2006
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Cyprus Court Didnt Extradite YUKOS Accused
The District Court of Larnaca, Cyprus, overruled yesterday the claim of the RF Prosecutor Generals Office to extradite Ivan Kolesnikov, probationer of ALM Feldmans Legal Bureau. In his absence, Russias prosecutors charged Kolesnikov with having participated in the gratuitous acquisition of 19.7 percent in Yeniseineftegaz masterminded by YUKOS Vice President Alexander Temerko.
The files submitted by the RF prosecutors don't evidently prove Kolesnikovs involvement in misappropriation of 19.7 percent in Yeniseineftegaz, the District Court of Larnaca ruled Monday after a trial of nearly a year. On the same day, the RF Prosecutor General Yury Chaika arrived in Cyprus for an official visit probably to seek for reconsideration and get the files on other cases of YUKOS.

According to Russias prosecutors, YUKOS Vice President Alexander Temerko masterminded the above misappropriation in late 2002, while YUKOS Vice President Yury Beilin, chief of YUKOS Corporate Finance Department Oleg Sheiko and YUKOS EP Vice President Sergey Petelin were involved in its implementation. As to Kolesnikov, he was just an ordinary executor, who concluded sham sales contracts, falsified documents and took part in holding fictitious trial.

As a result, the court award about changing the owner of the above stake was passed under the suit of some non-existent firm based on the fabricated documents. The stake was transferred to the offshore Maastrade Ltd., which was affiliated with YUKOS.

It was found out in three weeks that the files submitted to the court were fictitious and the award was duly recalled, but Maastrade Ltd. had no stocks of the company on its account by that time.


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