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The agreement forced the Funds head Vladimir Malin to resign, and later brought him to court.
Photo: Ildar Azyukov
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Sep. 20, 2006
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Property Fund's Confistated Goods Dealer Fired
Vladimir Vdovin, deputy head of the Russian Federal Property Fund, has been fired after 12 years in office. Possible reasons for his dismissal include participation in the YUKOS-related Apatit case, the Tri Kita case as well as a conflict around the merger of Novoship and Sovkomflot.
The official reason for the dismissal of Vladimir Vdovin is a change of job. The deputy head of the Federal Property Fund declined to comment the news yesterday.

Vladimir Vdovin has been working at the fund since September 1994, in charge of security and the funds regional network.

Unofficial sources call a number of reasons for the dismissal. Vdovin managed the state stake in the Novoship navigation company where he sat on the board along with Yury Zhdanov, former head of the Department on Managing Special Economic Zones, Reportedly, Vdovin was among the officials who hampered the merger of Novoship and Sovkomflot.

Another theory deals with the Apatit company. Vladimir Vdovin was among drafters of the voluntary settlement agreement between the Federal Property Fund and MENATEP Group. The agreement forced the Funds head Vladimir Malin to resign, and later brought him to court. The official was sentenced to four years in prison for bribery.

The Moscow Court of Arbitration is to consider a claim by the Federal Property Fund to recover a 20 percent stake in Apatit, allegedly seized through the Volna company.

According to a source of Kommersant in the Russian presidents administration, Vladimir Vdovin was dismissed in relation to the Tri Kita case and cases on seizures from trade chains, including Evroset. The confiscated goods were sold though the Property Fund.

Vladimir Vdovins successor has not been announced year.


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