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The abduction of Ruslan Alikhadzhiev may soon become a matter of international interest.
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Dec. 21, 2005
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Russia May Be Charged with the Abduction of Ichkerian Parliament Speaker
The European Court of Human Rights has submitted four claims from Chechen residents who strive to hold the Russian authorities accountant for the disappearances and deaths of their relatives. One petition was filed by the mother of Ruslan Alikhadzhiev, the former speaker of the Ichkerian parliament. Lawyers of the Chechens believe that the European Court has enough documents to prove the grounds of the claims of their clients who suffered in the counterterrorism operation.
Claims of the four Chechens were considered admissible, which means that they are to be considered within the next twelve-eighteen months. Kirill Koroteev, the lawyer of the claimants, is convinced of the future favorable decision. Two claims are about the disappearance of people in Chernokozov and Kurchaloy, the third one concerns the shooting of peaceful people in the village of Novy Aldy, and the fourth claim is on the abduction of Ruslan Alikhadzhiev, the former chairman of the self-proclaimed Ichkeria, Mr. Koroteev recounted.

The four cases date back to 2000 and are already a subject of the correspondence between the European Court of Human Rights and Russia, the latter is the defendant in all the cases. The European Court have already dismissed arguments listed in the memorandum for the Alikhadzhiev case as baseless. Mr. Koroteev referred to Russias reluctance and repeated refusals to hand copies of criminal cases to the European Court as an impediment of the trial, The European Convention on Human Rights obligates to present criminal case at the first request, he said.

In spring 2000, Ruslan Alikhadzieve was driven off in an unknown direction from his house in the town of Shali and has not been heard of ever since. Memorial, the Moscow-based human rights protection center, helped to file the appeal. Dozens of cases on abduction wait for their turn at the European Court, says Oleg Orlov, the head of Memorial. It is a question of thousands of instances of the disappearances in Chechnya. he said. Human right activist also worry that law enforcement agencies shrink from cooperation declining to open criminal cases.

The prosecutors office of Chechnya said yesterday that criminal investigations had been launched for each of the above-mentioned cases, and until they were over, the European Court should not submit any petitions. They [claimants] have not exhausted all means of the legal protection in Russia, the prosecutors underscored.


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