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Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko
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July 27, 2005
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Lukashenko Doesn't Mince Words with Putin
// On revolutions in Belarus and Russia
A Leak
Four days after the end of his visit to Russia, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko recounted his agreements with Russian President Vladimir Putin. That took place yesterday at a meeting of the Belarusian administration dedicated to domestic and international policy.
Lukashenko began by denying the inventions of the media about the unexpected and extraordinary character of the meeting with the Russian president. Attempts to drive a wedge into relations between the two presidents and the two states were ineffective and that will not happen in our relations, he said. He added that the Russian side agreed to form a conception of the union state of Russia and Belarus and after that begin negotiations on a single currency. Lukashenko noted that Putin took that position first in the negotiations. Earlier, the Russians had always put the single currency in first place. We agreed to define how we would live, the Belarusian president said. We will write it into a constitution and then decide specific questions: currency, a single customs space, removal of barriers at the border.

He noted that the parties should decide on a constitutional act at the high state council that is scheduled for this November in Minsk. After the establishment of a union parliament, questions of executive power, its forms, functions and authority will be conciliated. Lukashenko denied rumors in the media that the Belarusian leadership was going to give up the country in exchange for certain guarantees from Moscow. We didn't talk about that and it will never be. We will never give our land to anybody. We will not touch our sovereignty. That is excluded. I have already said that repeatedly, he stated.

Lukashenko noted that Belarus is encountering serious problems opposition by the West and attempts by it to destabilize the country. We are locked in a very serious standoff. Of course, the Americans and the West will try to destabilize the country any way they can. It developed tactics that even include intervention in our country. Permanent bases have been set up to influence Belarus. That is the media too and interference from Lithuania and Poland. Now they are trying to draw Ukraine into that sphere of influence, he said.

Lukashenko said that Belarus is engaged in intelligence gathering in foreign states. They are mobilizing everything, even founding certain groups that will advance on Minsk at the needful moment and start a revolution. Organizations that we already know will be concentrated in Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine. They will even try to form divisions in Russia. I want to warn them. We already know about it. And we know how to counteract their intervention, Lukashenko stated. I am not threatening anybody, but everyone should understand that I, as the elected head of state, will defend my people by all possible constitutional methods.

The Belarusian leader made it clear that he and Putin are in full agreement about withstanding revolution. I won't say that we are as concerned as the media report about revolutionary changes in Belarus and Russia. There will be no revolutions in Russia and Belarus. We have come together on that, Lukashenko said. He refuted the opinion expressed in the media that Russia is prepared to apply pressure to Belarus to please the West. He repeated what he recently said in a televised interview: Any revolution in Belarus will be a revolution in Moscow too.

Lukashenko confirmed that there are certain problems in Belarus and promised to correct them on his own. He gave high marks to the support shown by Russia. There was no case when the Russians didn't give us substantial support, he said, adding that that happens in spite of the fact that the West is demanding that Russia practically impose an economic blockade on Belarus. He explained Moscow's behavior as Moscow won't act against its own interests.

Lukashenko said that he has informed Putin about hostile action from the Baltic countries, especially Lithuania. Speaking of the leaders of Poland and Ukraine, he said that they are bent on carrying out some sort of revolution in Belarus. He added that it is all because Belarus has fallen within the global interests of the United States, which is trying to influence Western Europe and Russia. That is why attacks are being made on our country and they are saying that we have little democracy. We have fallen into the center of those events and are trying to maintain a proud and independent policy. Maybe some people don't like it, but it will still be like that, he said.

Lukashenko said that he and Putin understand very well what America's interest is in their countries. America, he explained, is trying to preserve a unipolar world and wants to take all of its main competitors in hand. It can do so by gaining control over the resources that Russia sends to the West through Belarus. If the Americans impose their order on Belarus, then they will be able to take control of Russia and Western Europe through the government, Lukashenko explained, adding that the United States is pressuring China as well in its attempts to maintain a unipolar world. He said that the U.S. is now limiting Chinese imports out of concern over the growing economy of the People's Republic of China. He said of the reaction to these events in Western Europe that no one is happy with the policy of the Americans.

Vadim Dovnar, Minsk

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