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Anastasia Potanina of Russia performs to win two gold medals at women's first aquabike world championship held in Krylatskoe, Grebnoy Channel, Moscow.
Photo: Yury Martyanov
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June 27, 2005
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Nastya Potanina Becomes Double Aquabike Champion
Moscow hosted womenТs first aquabike world championship past weekend with as much as $30,000 in the prize fund. Pilots from Austria, Brazil, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Peru, Russia, the United States and France had arrived to compete in aquabike racing and free style competition held in the Grebnoy Channel, Krylatskoe.
The pilots competed in parallel slalom, ski division, runabout and freestyle. In the end of two days of fierce competition, it was clear that the double champion's title went to Anastasia Potanina. Four-time champion of Russia, Nastya saw off Saturday the rivals in slalom, having outridden all forerunners, including the famous Italian Tatiana Mercuriali. Potanina was the best in freestyle Sunday.

Olga Podkhvatilina of Russia won the silver in runabout, having finished after Hungarian T. Palloy. Elisa Sabatino of Italy was the first in ski division; our Irina Babenko was the fifth despite her pole-position.


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