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Marina Denikina, daughter of White Army General Anton Denikin
Photo: Yury Feklistov
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May 02, 2005
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Marina Denikina, for Prominent Service to the State
Russias President Vladimir Putin sealed the ruling April 26, granting Russias citizenship to Marina Denikina, daughter of the White Army Commander Anton Denikin.
Marina Denikina was born in the Krasnodar Region in February of 1919. She has been living in France since 1926, where she writes books under the name of Marina Grey. Denikina said though she has lived and worked all her life in France, she has always been Russian in spirit and she would like to die Russian. Three fourth of her life passed in time of the Soviet Union, then, she was seeking no citizenship. Once the regime was changed, she learnt she could get dual citizenship, Denikina specified.

But Russia has long ceased to be a monarchy. True, the president is in charge of the citizenship. But the law requires that to become a citizen, Denikina has to live in Russia for at least five years or for a year, provided she has been married to Russian for at least three years. Or she can get citizenship if she has unique qualifications, or seeks political asylum, or has the status of a refugee. But Denikins daughter has not spent a year either in the former USSR or in Russia, not to speak of the five years. Therefore the only way out is to acknowledge her prominent service to Russia.

The fact that General Denikin had played a significant role in Russias history will hardly be ever challenged. But what service of his daughter has Putin spotted? Her books? Or the attempts to establish ties between the émigré and the country? Or her consent to move Denikins remains from the United States to Russia? Or perhaps, the mere event of her birth? Exactly in spring of 1919, soon after Marina was born, General Denikin ordered a large-scale attack on the Red Army, which covered the whole South Front and is currently described in every history manual.

One way or another, the prominent service of Marina Denikina has been acknowledged. Here in Russia, we are great on history.

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