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Apr. 11, 2005
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FSB General Dies Like a Common Guy
// Head of Moscow and Moscow Region FSB killed
Yesterday night head of FSB Department of Moscow and Moscow Region Colonel General Anatoly Trofimov was killed in Moscow. At one time he fought against Soviet dissidents, and then under the patronage of the head of President Security Service Alexander Korzhakov, he took one of the most responsible posts in FSB, although, after his protector resigned, he lost the favor of higher authorities and went into business. Investigation thinks that the latter circumstance was the fatal factor for the general.
Trofimov was killed around 7:40 p.m. in the courtyard of 11 Klyazmenskaya Street. The 65-year old Colonel General drove up to the house in black Jeep Cherokee. He was accompanied by his 28-year old wife Tatyana Kopyttseva and their four-year old daughter Tanya. The family was returning from a maternity hospital, where they visited Kopyttsevas sister, who had given birth to a child the day before.

After parking the Jeep in the courtyard the family headed toward the entrance. The killer in mask ran up to them and several times fired from a pistol. Trofimov, wounded in the head and the chest died immediately. Then the killer shot Trofimovs wife on the head, but she is still alive, although in serious condition. One more bullet hit the window of an apartment on the first storey, and thankfully, nobody was injured there. The killer spared four-year old Tanya.

A neighbor of Trofimovs told Kommersant that shortly before the murder, the General had been threatened. On Thursday an unknown person bend the pillar of another jeep of Trofimov, having hit on it with a brick. At that time the General even went down, took a look at his car, and returned back to his apartment. His wife and the neighbor waited for him at the stairwell. The latter supposed that it had been done by hooligans, but the General said, its not hooligans, and I know who did it. They dont know who they are fighting with, his wife commented on his words then.

He was a normal kind of guy. He even came out for subbotniks, the neighbor, wishing to remain unidentified, said. He was a businessman, but I dont know where he worked. The investigation does not know, what kind of business Trofimov was involved in. It only knows that he supervised many security enterprises, founded by former FSB workers. One of such enterprises was headed by his son Boris. It is no secret that the market of security services in Moscow Region is a risky undertaking. Involved in it are both KGB servicemen, bandits and policemen, as well as workers of District Organized Crime Unit, who have traditionally clashed with FSB workers. When Trofimov was fired from the FSB, he was accused in being affiliated with businessmen and bandits. Mentioned in particular were the relations between one of the Generals subjects, Alexey Yumashkin, with famous bandit Maxim Lazovsky. And in February 1997, workers of Moscow Criminal Investigation Department and the Head Department on Illegal Drug Circulation Control detained two of Trofimovs subjects for cocaine dealing. Besides, his department was accused of active cooperation with commercial banks. However, all these facts probably were not the main reason to fire Trofimov. The real reason for his firing was the so called case of the copy machine box. In the summer of 1996 by the order of Alexander Korzhakov members of President Yeltsin election staff Sergey Lisovsky and Arkady Astafyev were detained at the White House. They were caught carrying $500 thousand in the cardboard. Head of FSB Mikhail Barsukov assigned Trofimov, at that time head of Moscow Department of FSB, to supervise the investigation of this case. It seems that close relations of Trofimov to generals Korzhakov and Barsukov became the main reason for his dismissal from FSB. The investigation is to find out what ex head of Moscow FSB Department did after he was discharged and what was the reason of his killing.

Who was General Trofimov

Anatoly Trofimov was born July 14, 1940 in Moscow Region. In 1966 he graduated from the 1st departmnet of Dzerzhinsky Highest School of KGB with a specialty in law. He served in the Turkistan Military District Special Department as senior investigator on especially important cases in the Central Asia Military District. In 1971, Trofimov became the head investigator in the Moscow and Moscow Region KGB Department. He headed up the 5th, dissident department, as well as 2nd service (Counter Intelligence), then 3rd service (Organized Crime Control), deputy head of KGB Department. Trofimov participated in the investigation of a number of loud cases directors of Eliseevsky grocery store, various dissident groups (including Sergey Kovalev, and Nathan Shcharansky, Podolsk and Kuntsevo crime groups. In January 1992 he became head of the Department on Contraband and Corruption Control of RF Security Ministry. In October 1993 he participated in the arrest of Alexander Rutskoy and Ruslan Khasbulatov. In May 1994 appointed deputy head of Academy of Federal Counter Intelligence Service, headed up courses on advanced training for top executives. On January 19, 1995, appointed deputy head of Federal Counter Intelligence Service director of Federal Counter Intelligence Service Department of Moscow and Moscow Region. Trofimov was friends with head of RF President Security Service Alexander Korzhakov, and was in conflict with Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov. On February 20, 1997, he was dismissed from the post of head of FSB Department with an explanation for serious violations, revealed by examination of RF Accounts Chamber, and neglect of work duty.

Alexander Zheglov, Andrey Salnikov

All the Article in Russian as of Apr. 11, 2005

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