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Jan. 28, 2005
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Boris Kuznetsov Offended the Prosecutor
// journalists threatened with trial
As Kommersant learnt yesterday the European Court for Human Rights in Strasbourg started the execution of the suit forwarded by a relative of one of 118 seamen perished in Kursk submarine in August 2002. The action filed by the father of the perished Roman Kolesnikov, is registered under the number 757/05- Kolesnikov vs Russian Federation. Meanwhile, the widow of the Kursk captain Irina Liachina opposed the suit. The head of the investigation group threatened journalists supporting the plaintiffs, with trial.

As Kommersant said (number of January 21), the complaint to the European Court was written on behalf of the 50 families of the seamen by their attorney, Boris Kuznetsov. He advanced his reasons for a new investigation of the wreck reasons. Last summer the Moscow District Military Court refused to renew the investigation to the relatives. Representatives of the Supreme Military Prosecutors Office keep on saying theres no need in the new investigation because the case of the Atomic Submarine Kursk was investigated thoroughly, comprehensively and fairly. Let us remind that General Prosecutor Vladimir Ustinov supervised the investigation himself. But the case papers didnt contain the answer to the main question: who was to blame that the rescuers failed to save the seamen who had remained alive after the torpedo explosion in the nose compartment of Kursk.

Yesterday, Irina Kliachina, the widow of the Kursk captain, expressed her attitude towards the suit against the Russian power. Its a pity that the memory of our relatives became a mean of getting welfare and its a pity they use the name of the father of the officer, who had been serving in submarines himself.- she told Interfax meaning Roman Kolesnikov. Last Wednesday the Leningrad Military District Prosecutors Office published a statement saying that Dmitry Kolesnikovs father didnt know there was a suit written on his behalf (Kommersant wrote about that on January 26). Kolesnikov-father and attorney Kuznetsov deny that. Moreover, it turned out that the fathers complaint was registerd the first in the chancellery of the European Court.

Actions like that are not intended to find the truth, which actually had been found during the investigation.- Liachina says. They will just disturb the public opinion and will help to rise the personal ratings of the initiators. Besides, this complaint prejudices the work that a group of experts and investigators has done. I am not empowered to act for Liachina,- Kuznetsov told Kommersant- I am not her representative. According to the attorney, none of his clients decided to withdraw the claim. I am a representative of 50 families of those perished in Kursk. I have been already accused of self-advertisement. That is just a campaign against me.

Yesterday, head of the investigation group Artur Egiev joined the campaign . He declared that the investigation was executed fairly, they had closed the case, and also threatened journalists that share Kuznetsovs opinion with trial.
Alek Akhundov

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