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Guarded by OMON riot police, the catafalque is transporting the body of Ruslan Yamadaev from Moscow morgue.
Photo: Kirill Tulin
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Sep. 26, 2008
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Sulim Goes to Chechnya to Bury Brother Despite Potential Trap
A jet with the body of State Duma ex-member, Russias Hero Ruslan Yamadaev flew from Moscow to Chechnya past night. Yamadaev will be buried in Gudermes. Chechnyas President Ramzan Kadyrov, whom the Yamadaevs consider related to the murder, blamed it on the blood feud. But the Chechens that had declared vendetta to the Yamadaevs announced their non-involvement.
The Mercedes S600 with ex-member of the State Duma, Russias Hero Ruslan Yamadaev and his friend Sergei Kizyun, former first deputy commander of the Leningrad Military District, was shot down in Moscow Wednesday. Yamadaev was killed and the general taken to hospital.

The plans are that Ruslan Yamadaev will be buried in the cemetery in Gudermes, where the body of his brother Jabrail Yamadaev had been laid to rest. The mourning service will be held in one of the biggest mosques of Europe built by Yamad Co. of the Yamadaevs and named Jabrail-Hadji in honor of Jabrail Yamadaev.

It is yet unclear whether all Yamadaev brothers will follow Ruslan Yamadaev to the grave. The youngest of them, Badrudin was put on a wanted list by Chechnyas investigating committee of the RF Prosecutor General Office for the armed clash with Ramzan Kadyrovs guards in April. Another brother, the recent commander of Vostok Battalion Sulim Yamadaev was on the wanted list as well. The detectives have halted the hunt, saying they know his whereabouts. The guards and the Yamadaev family dont recommend Sulim to go to Chechnya to avoid being trapped there.

One of the stories is that Ruslan Yamadaev was killed to lure Sulim to Chechnya to attend the funeral. Unlike Sulim, who rarely leaves his Moscow flat guarded by the riot police, Ruslan didnt hide from anyone and had no guards. He was an easy victim for killers.

But despite the recommendation, Sulim Yamadaev went to Chechnya to bury his brother.

Ruslan Yamadaev (or Halid as they called him in Chechnya) was dealing with all legal issues related to Sulim and Vostok Battalion. According to the Yamadaevs, he negotiated new appointment to enforcement bodies for Sulim in Dmitry Medvedevs administration. He himself was viewed a potential presidential candidate for Chechnya in the Kremlin. Without Halid, Sulim, who has no ties with authorities, is completely isolated.

The Yamadaevs reject any suppositions that the killing resulted from business claims or blood feud.

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