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Specialists see depth and energy in the speherical logo that has replaced the double-headed eagle at the Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies
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Aug. 21, 2008
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Rosnanotekh Gets Branding Makeover
The Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies unveils a new brand image today. The Swedish agency Differ has replaced its double-headed eagle logo, traditional for Russian state companies, with a multicolored sphere and chopped off the last syllable of its name, making it Rosnano. At the corporation, they hope they will finally not be mistaken for Sergey Chemezovs Rostekhnologia (established from Rosoboronexport) any more. The new styling was approved by the corporations supervisory board last week. Denis Kusenkov, head of the corporate communication department at Rosnano, said that the company would position itself as a major global brand for innovative technology.
The Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies was founded by law No. 139-F3 on July 19, 2007, to implement state nanotechnology policy, with co-investors of significant economic and social potential. At the end of last year, the Russian government transferred 132 billion rubles to the corporation. It is the second state corporation to undergo an image makeover, following Olympic facility builder Olimpstroi at the beginning of the summer. Vneshekonombank is planning to follow suit this autumn. The bank was reorganized as the Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs last year.

Among the ad agencies that took part in the tender to redesign the state corporations graphics were the local offices of BBDO, Saatchi & Saatchi and MRM, as well as local firms. The Swedish companys world of possibilities concept was the winner. Analysts say that the state corporations are effective business units that have to present themselves in that light. Experts praise the new Rosnano logo, noting that it is in keeping with the latest European trends. Observers estimate that the account was worth $150,000-200,000. Kusenkov said that Rosnano does not intend to launch an advertising campaign.


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